Almet: Металочерепиця та профнастил з доставкою по всій Україні

Metal tiles and Trapezoidal sheets from the manufacturer at prices by 8-12% below market

Our factories are located in Lviv and Dnipro.

We manufacture products for private and industrial objects and give an official guarantee of up to 25 years.

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We will produce and deliver in 3-5 days

Thanks to our factories in Dnipro and Lviv, we can quickly send you the material. But if the color is non-standard, then delivery will take up to 10 days.

Wide range of colors and metal quality

Our powder coating booth is the longest in Ukraine - 8.5 meters. We can paint the roof or facade in any color according to the RAL palette so that you can implement the most daring design ideas. Standard colors are always in stock. We use a polymer coating thickness:

Matte - 35 microns

Glossy - 25 microns


It is possible to choose the desired quality of the metal with the amount of zinc from 100 to 275 g/m2. to increase service life.

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We do not provide Chinese metal for Germany

metalOur customers receive exactly what is indicated in the documentation if you order material with a thickness of 0.5 mm. and the amount of zinc 200 g/m2, be sure you will get exactly that. Reputation matters to us.


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