Roofing screws
Roofing self-tapping screws

Roofing self-tapping screws

The use of self-tapping screws in construction work is due to the peculiarities of their structure. To use roofing screws for their intended purpose, there is no need to drill materials before installing them. They already have a fairly sharp drill and thread. Depending on the material with which the fastener will interact (for wood or metal), it has additional components, such as a press washer, reinforcement, a colored head or is equipped with a special plastic cap.

⏩ What is special about products from the category Roofing self-tapping screws from Almet?

⭐ The fact that we provide our customers with a comprehensive service: project calculation, production, delivery and warranty. LLC "Almet" is a team of professionals with 10 years of experience in the field of roofing materials and fences.

⏩ Who are your clients?

⭐ In its work, our team focuses on long-term, responsible and mutually beneficial cooperation, the high demands of the market and our customers. Among our clients: Ukrnafta, 33m2, ATB, New Mail, Sportlife, Bukovel.

⏩ How much does the delivery of roofing and cladding materials in Ukraine cost?

🚚 The main production facilities are located in Lviv and Dnipro, so we deliver products both in western and eastern Ukraine in accordance with the tariffs of carriers.

⏩ Can you be sure of the quality of the products?

📆 Yes. Reputation has real weight for us: when ordering roofing, facade and frame materials or metal fences, you can be 100% sure that you will get exactly the thickness and quality of the metal that you paid for.

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